Monday, 14 December 2009

Total Recall

And then...

I was walking past a well known shopping store in Covent Garden, a store I don't think I've actually been in since 1980-something...

(I've been into the one Next to it... but not this one.)

And I noticed something odd.

There were just three signs in the window.

This one...

(Where the Pyjamas are dangerously inky...)

And then this one...

Where the heel might come from the shoe.

(And where the fur has definitely come from a rabbit.)

And then next, this one...

...Where the trousers are 'technically deficient'

What could this possibly mean? (In trouser terms?)

And how urgent could a trouser recall be?

Anyway - 3 signs. 3 recalls. Urgent recalls.

No Happy Christmas signs...

No "Buy our clothes. (Well, the safe ones anyway.)"

So - what's going on here?

A cunning and brilliant strategy of honesty at all costs?

A new and extremely influential Head of Compliance?

Or (an animal rights conscious) revolutionary sitting where it counts in a High St chainstore?

Whatever it was - it didn't seem to be attracting many customers. Not when I was there.

So there it was: in a shop window: a total recall.

"Well," I thought to myself: "I'm glad I'm not recalling anything in the build up to something really important (like Christmas must be to High St retailers.)"

And (to lessen the likelihood of me recalling anything in the build up to something really important) I was reminded of how important it can be to really think things through.

To slow down before putting something out there...

So - note to self: whatever it is, do it properly - and check as best I can that it's not going to leak, or hurt someone, or stop a rabbit form being warm this winter. (Or even alive this winter.)

And then I thought about the word recall.

An urgent recall.

I quite often find myself wishing I could recall something.

In my mind...

From my mind.

With my mind...

What I need is to talk to a neuroscientist...

Now where on earth am I going to find one of those?

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