Friday, 11 December 2009

The Dominion Theatre... then and now.

Good grief - it's been nearly two months and no blogging. That's what happens when you start to work with commercial clients I suppose. Lots of interesting things happen but you cant write publicly about them.

So there I was at the Dominion Theatre yesterday... with 1,800 people in it at 10am. About 20 years ago I was playing Snug the Joiner on that same stage. Trying to extract laughs from strangers in barn of a theatre.

And there I was yesterday. Helping a small group of people to help four large groups of people in four different venues around Britain to hear and see roughly the same thing at the same time...

I've been struggling to think how I can best put down some of what I've been learning whilst maintaining confidentiality and sensitivity and I think I've got it. Can't say what it is obviously. That's for me to know.

So - blogging's back on the list of things to do.


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