Tuesday, 15 December 2009

My brain on Monday

So - I found a Neurologist.

Not just any neurologist.

Baroness Susan Greenfield.

(Camilla just phoned up and asked. And she said yes.)

Was it great to meet her?

Did I learn anything?

About the brain?

About what then?

Was it a dialogue?

Is she an extraordinary woman?

Is it worth listening to?
When I've edited it, yes.

Can I listen to all 36 minutes of it before you've edited it?

What was the most interesting thing in the conversation?
Her answer to my question "What would you give to every child on the planet if you wanted them to appreciate what an extraordinary thing the individual mind is?"

What was her answer?
A brain. A real one.

Thank you Susan Greenfield. And power to your elbow.

My brain hurts.

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