Monday, 14 December 2009

Good enough to steal...

First meeting of the day with Rehana and Eleni from CCE and Zarah from Gazelle Media talking about how we make a series of video podcasts to help people facilitate big conversations through dialogue...

Rehana is a wonderful combination of surprising (and sometimes apparently contradictory) facets and qualities. She works for a government funded organisation but exudes creativity. She's a passionate, forthright woman of conviction and beliefs. A fixer by trade and an artist by nature.

And she's the only Muslim woman I know who's into Formula One.

Anyhow - walking Rehana and Eleni back to their office (which they share with the Design Council) she points out to me their shop window...

An exhibition of bikes - the Brompton fold up ones people use to get to work.

They're very desirable things.

So much so... that the window display has been the subject of various robbery attempts.

So they've replaced the real ones with cardboard ones.

So they're no longer exhibiting the real thing. Because it's too tempting not to steal.

The cardboard ones look lovely as well though.

(And would be less heavy to carry on the tube.)

(Or steal.)

"I've got one of those." said Rehana.

"Where do you keep it?" I ask.

"Under my desk." she said.

"It's safe there."

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