Friday, 11 March 2011

placing podcasts

In the name of finding different ways to get all of the conversations that I've recorded and edited in the last few years actually listened to, I'm currently in the process of publishing some of our conversations on iTunes.

It's an interesting process. Finickety, bothersome and difficult when it should (and could) be so easy.

Anyhow. I'm doing it.

If you like you can be one of the first to subscribe to our free podcast that we're putting up there just by clicking here and following the instructions.

The first two conversations I've put up there are the one I had with Stephen on Listening and then the one I had with Adrian on his first encounter with an escort in a hotel in London. They're both gorgeous, generous men. And while they'll be followed by many others I'm very happy to put these two up first!

Enjoy - and let me know if you find it easy to listen and subscribe in this way.

More soon.

Thanks for listening.