Tuesday, 29 December 2009

two old men

This morning... David Hockney as guest Editor on The Today programme.

A breath of fresh air from a smoker.

An old man who loves technology.

He paints the rising sun on his iPhone from his bed. (He has two because they get full; two iPhones that is, although by the sound of it his bed still gets full too.)

"Blackberries are for secretaries. The iPhone has a sense of humour."

On noticing things: "When you're jogging, you're thinking of no-one but yourself are you?"

And on people who tell us that eating omelettes is bad for you: "Their vision. It's too small. It's not big. It's not a big lovely vision."

A happy story of a man who knows he's lucky to be alive. Thanks David Hockney.

And a beautiful slideshow - an underrated and under used form.

And then also today, with barely any sense of risk in terms of public relations, the Chinese executed Akmal Shaik, a British man (as the BBC website keep calling him.)


A man. A mentally unstable man, who thought he could spread world peace by becoming a popstar. Manipulated by others for financial gain and undermined by his own condition.

An appalling story. But one that hasn't (as they say) "captured interest."


Because he's not young?

Because he's not white?

Because he's not talented?

Or because he's not been on The X Factor maybe.

Without a reality TV show attached to his story, it's not real enough perhaps.

Not a happy story.

David Hockney and Akmal Shaik. Two old men.

One of whom is still lucky enough to get excited staring at puddles.

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