Thursday, 10 September 2009

Knock Knock

Today's rehearsals - were interesting.

We had a journalist in. Which was great - we might get some coverage next week. And even though we're selling well, to sell even better, even earlier would be great.

But in some ways, it wasn't great - at first.

Some of the team found it difficult. Like they were being judged.

And that froze them up a bit - they (we) became... something other than we've been so far.

Different symptoms for different folks.

Talking too much (Me.)

Not talking at all.

Talking but not really needing to. (Me again.)

Anyhow - we did it. And the journalist was actually really good. Great questions. Patient listening. Relaxed. (Many things that busy journalists - or in this case editors - aren't.)

So - on the way out as I said goodbye at the Stage Door the last phrase I remember hearing was "I'm a huge fan of your work."

And then - back in the rehearsal room we unpack a bit what had just happened.

And we talked about equality - and how actually the status we felt the journalist had, was mostly thanks to us.

In dialogue terms, this is often true.

In my experience, it's the one with less status - the less attractive one, the less rich one, the less articulate one, the least funny one, the most junior one - who imagines that their status is low. The attractive, rich, more articulate, funnier, senior one... is often very happy to listen and be in an equal situation.

I know bosses who say and mean (to quote Barack Obama talking last night to Congress) that "my door is always open."

But, for some reason, the room is still not visited. The boss is seen as aloof and unapproachable.

(It's easier that way isn't it? That way we can avoid actually having that conversation we know we should have, and instead keep fantasising about it.)

So if a meeting is required, and equality is desired...

Sometimes all it takes is for the door to be gently nudged.

Knock knock.


I'm already in.

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