Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A good first day with the full cast of The Author.

And at the end of it something called Doughnuts, which is when the Royal Court staff all come together to meet the team working on a particular show to introduce themselves, say hello and tell everyone what it is they do.

A functional occasion you might think.

Well - yes, it was functional. But it was also extraordinary, because we did it in the theatre - and the theatre looks a bit different to how a theatre's normally set out.

Essentially, two banks of seating face each other. There's no stage.

The audience are onstage.

So when we met for doughnuts, about 30 people sat across from each other. We said some positive things about the theatre, the show and the people involved...

But mostly - I think - mostly everyone was just looking across at each other and going:

"Oh my goodness."

Let's hope that continues.

And earlier, we saw on a whiteboard the phrase: "Don't tell me. Show me." And in a way, this show defies that confident truism. Or at least it makes us think about it a bit harder.

Because in The Author, actually, we show very little. And we tell a great deal. And I for one, as a listener, see plenty.

So two lessons for the day:

1) Think before you speak.

2) Think before you write on a whiteboard.

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