Monday, 7 September 2009

Know It; Don't Show It

A big day on The Author.

Andy and I met on Sunday night and had a good long chat about some of the simple practicalities

Like honesty, forgiveness and hope.

And we also discussed some of the deeper things that come with directing a play at the Royal Court.

Like rehearsal times, podcasts and lighting cues.

And today - a morning with Adrian. And the afternoon with everyone. We're working in detail now.

Asking good questions.

Interrogating the script.

Realising with the actors that to do less is to leave the audience to do more.

And Andy (reader extraordinaire) brings in a book he's found called Theatre and Audience by Lois Weaver, and in it a quote from George Devine, the originator of the Royal Court, which makes us wince and rejoice at the same time.

It's far too rude to put on a blog that my children might read, but you'll find some of it here.

(Email me if you want the whole thing or buy the book.)

And finally, we have a lovely treat at the end of the day from Esther which involved Adrian drawing a picture of me...

I think he's caught something.

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