Monday, 13 September 2010

green thoughts

I had a very enjoyable day last week working with the good people of Green Alliance, a group of (mostly) young men and women - mostly women actually - whose everyday job is to harness the thinking and energy of various partners and help them to bring big green issues to the ears of those who need to listen.

It all happened at the beautiful location of Bore Place (what a place).

It was fascinating and surprising to see, hear and experience how in some ways they're facing some very old fashioned problems. Issues that you might hope were things of the past but in fact are very much things of the present.

About getting taken seriously.

About getting an inconvenient truth through to a public who'd rather believe a more comfortable set of reassuring lies.

And how to recognise that while your own environment might be one in which trust, respect and open-mindedness are rigorously and consciously applied... the very people you need to reach out to and create dialogue with may not have the same culture.

So that makes your job hard. Really hard.

But it's a job worth doing.

10,000 times over.

So - power to your elbows Green Alliance.

And I'm happy to help you again. Any time.

Oh and I promised you all access to all the podcasts on dialogue...

And here they are.

Now go dialogue the hell out of a few people.

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