Thursday, 12 August 2010

part 2

So here's the next part of my dialogue with Jane Prinsep which we've called why not me? part 2

You can download it here.

For anyone who's coming to this new, you should know that this dialogue was part of a series of Intimate Conversations on the subject of sex that we recorded in May and June, edited in July and shared initially at Latitude Festival's Fifth Edition earlier this summer in the UK.

And so you know what you're getting into, Jane's story begins with a description of being raped when she was 14.

Her story is a powerful one. And in some ways a disturbing one.

But it's not a story about being a victim. Far from it.

And for me it's not just a story about recovery.

It's about one woman's journey, moving from a time when she had control seized from her in the most horrible way to a place where she reclaims her life, her identity and her future.

Jane is a remarkable woman. I went over to Switzerland to meet her earlier this summer and after lunch by the lake we sat down and recorded a conversation. A dialogue.

Most conversations I record, I subsequently edit down to a 10-15 minutes version and share it with the world. But sometimes a conversation is so rich that it merits more than just a one part. And this is one of those.

Part 1 which you can download here received a lot of attention and downloads and for many people Jane has been already been an inspiration as you'll see by visiting her blog.

So here's Part 2.

Parts 3 and 4 will come in the next few weeks.

Thanks again Jane.

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  1. After listening to the dialogue between a very remarkable woman (indeed) & her interviewer, Karl James, regarding how she dealt with the aftermath of she & her family being victimized by what I would label as a detriment to society, I have the following comments to make:

    While listening to Jane speaking, the words LOGICAL, DETERMINED, & CONFRONT came to my mind, then were spoken by Jane.

    This woman, at the age of 14 & still a virgin at the time the crimes were committed against her, had the ability to use confrontation, determination & logical thinking, as well as being able to accept things for what they are & deal with them head-on. And with so saying, she was not afraid to look something straight in the eye.

    As Karl was voicing his opinions about Jane, he spoke the words DEFIANT, STRATEGIC & TACTICAL to describe this amazing & certainly out of the norm (in my opinion) survivor, who has shown to me that she can make the best even out of a terrible situation, use it as a learning experience, and also has the courage & fearlessness to come forward and speak about it.

    I have not listened to Part 1 of this interview yet, but I will do so shortly. I thank monkeys treehouse (my Windows Live Spaces friend) for bringing this to my attention.

    Before I go, I would just like to tell you that I myself feel very much like this lady - LOGICAL, DETERMINED, CONFRONTATIONAL, DEFIANT, STRATEGIC & TACTICAL. I feel that I have been blessed with these qualities, for there are many people in this world who would never be strong &/or strong-willed enough to be able to live with the horrors & atrocities that have happened to them, often becoming addicted to alcohol, various drugs & pills, while even being forced to feel that committing suicide at a later age in life is the answer, after not being able to repress their awful memories that consistently plague them day in & day out.

    Good show, Jane! All the more power to you!