Wednesday, 14 July 2010

why not me?

So here it is.

The first of five dialogues on sex that we're premiering this week at Latitude Festival:

Click here to download and listen.

why not me?
It's almost like you go /

I mean for me it went up in levels of seriousness at what he was there for /

The sexual thing in all honesty /

Hadn't really crossed my mind at that point /

At the age of 14, Jane lost her virginity to a man who broke into the house and attacked her and her mother. Now, nearly 24 years later, she feels ready to talk openly about her experience that night and what it's taught her.


These conversations are indeed intimate, honest and (given the subject matter) sometimes explicit and graphic in terms of content. Our recommendation is that they should not be heard by children but by adults only, young and old alike.

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