Sunday, 18 July 2010

almost as good

On a very beautiful sunny Suffolk morning... our sessions at Latitude have been going extraordinarily well. We could have had at least twice as many iPods with queues forming around trees in the Faraway Forest.

So here's the third of the five dialogues on sex that we're premiering here at Latitude:

Click here to download and listen.

almost as good

Confidence is an interesting thing /

I remember feeling sexual from a young age /

But I think for a long time my head was way /

Ahead of my
body /

Olivia's first sexual partners led her to believe that sex with men wasn't as interesting as it was on her own. Even at university, she wasn't getting what she wanted or needed. And then, things changed.

These conversations are indeed intimate, honest and (given the subject matter) sometimes explicit and graphic in terms of content. Our recommendation is that they should not be heard by children but by adults only, young and old alike

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