Sunday, 23 August 2009

September Approaches...

September has always been my favourite month.

Maybe because I liked school.

Maybe because it feels to me like the beginning of a year.

Maybe because the weather is always fabulous (and no-one expects it to be.) It's the opposite of August in that way.

And maybe because September is often the catalyst for significant things for me.

This year, September brings The Author, my eldest son's first day at Secondary School and more alignment, in lots of ways I hope.

And one of my favourite pieces of music is 1st September by the beautiful String Quartet Methera.


  1. well, here in the tropics september is all a different thing. Holidays are just in July, so August is back at school, it is also the month the most islanders get a bit depressed because there is no work, people spent their money in July and now will just start to come back to the coast late October/November...
    and of course, it is Spring... trees are full of buds and birds are just dancing around...temperatures are still not too hot and we can still sleep ok, not too many mosquitos or over heat!!
    but it seems that there is always a new beginning...
    take care
    love to B on his new secondary adventure and xxx to you all