Wednesday, 12 August 2009

First post

Just finished doing a little edit of the filming I did at Latitude Festival. I have realised after four years that the way to capture stillness is by using moving pictures.

So anyway - here is Between Friends, the short film.

I tried different ways of doing it and decided in the end not to include any of the actual conversations in the movie. Looking and listening (to words) was too much. So I went for just music (the piece we used under Dave's edit of Pippa and Jo).

I'm just so struck by how people look when they're listening. You think sometimes that they could be just staring into the middle distance... and then you see something, a flicker, something dart across their face, that tells you they are intently, wholly, utterly engaged with something, in a way that you can only be (I think) when you're not looking.

Have popped it up on Youtube and will see what the reaction is...


  1. What a lovely piece of work - I found myself listening as they listened, and also smiling at what I saw them being amused to hear.
    Thank you for posting. Bob

  2. Delighted you liked it Bob. Check out our myspace for the conversations they were listening to!