Sunday, 15 January 2012

four strokes

A short post to accompany a conversation that's not made it to the blog until today.

It's a short edit and an unusual one.

It's called four strokes. You can listen to it here (on iTunes) or here. And read it here.

It's about two people who've both been beaten with a cane.

For one of them it was agonisingly painful.

For the other it was exquisitely pleasurable.

Nikki is a thoughtful woman and a pro-sub which means she enjoys being dominated sexually. She's a liberated, intelligent and sensitive person with a gentle gaze and an incredible focus when you talk to her.

Stephen is a philosophical man and enjoys many things, including talking and listening, but as far as I know he has no particular attachment to dominating or being dominated. What he does have is a rather wonderful capacity for describing intense personal experiences in such a way that genuinely 'takes you there.'

And I suppose why I wanted to publish it today is that I'm particularly interested at the moment in how we perceive things. And how much influence we have over our experience of life.

What is it that can make something so painful for one person and so pleasurable for another?

Are we really such powerful interpreters of our own experiences?

Can we really determine how good or bad something feels?

And if we can - why don't we do it more often?

Have a listen.

Have a think.

And feel free to let me know if you're someone who's consciously changed the way you perceive pain.

(Or pleasure.)

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