Friday, 30 September 2011

free music

Sometimes it's worth just putting a bit of good music up and around.

And apart from their exceptionally good musical qualities, one of the things I most like about Radiohead is their refusal to comply with the usual commercial restrictions of the music industry and the media.

So, after I listened to their recent session on the Colbert show in the States, I thought in the spirit of free access I'd put the audio up on the internet.

There's a good dirty version of Bloom to warm up with...

Check out two magnificently tight drummers holding the bounce together on Little by Little.

We got a bit of healthy contempt in The Daily Mail with some saxy chords coming from behind...

And finally a fantastic version of The National Anthem with a nice brass section on it...

Download. Enjoy.

(And forgive the horrendous amount of compression on the recording - that's American TV for you. How lucky we are to have Later with Jools and the BBC.)

If I get arrested, look after my children for me.

I did it in the name of music.

And freeness.

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