Saturday, 10 April 2010

big society

So - today... I saw a politician talking sense, supporting something worthwhile.

A man sounding like he meant what he said and being honest enough to say that even if he didn't lead the next government, he'd like whoever was leading it to support what he thought was just a good thing.

And how bizarre, how extraordinary for a Tory politician, a leader of the Tory party just a single generation away from Margaret Thatcher, to so naturally, effortlessly and eloquently talk about the importance of society.

Can I trust that he and his government won't go too far and mistake the crucial role that local action has to play (as an additional string to the bow of ideas, funding and intelligent strategy) for an alternative to a national plan.


I wish I could but I can't.

Do I wish that it was his Labour counterpart saying what he was saying?

Yes. (God yes.) I miss passion, eloquence and energy SO much from Gordon Brown right now.

And does it make me slightly less uneasy about the prospect of his party in power to hear him talk in this way?

Yes. Slightly.

So - David Cameron: nice to see you not looking or sounding as smug and cautious as normal.

(Although I'm sorry you've stolen the phrase big society from some people who have a richer definition of the phrase than you do.)

And to Big Society, good luck. I love your project.

(Just don't get TOO friendly with too many Tories with a misty glint of power in their eyes.)

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