Wednesday, 10 February 2010

just say no

I've been quiet. Because I've been busy.

II seem to have  spent a lot of time recently walking up and down the river in London. Which is where my business has been taking me. 

Cold? Yes. Beautiful? Yes.

So what have I been so busy doing?

I've been busy helping people think together. That's what I do.

But I've also been busy doing something I've not done much of. Ever.

I've been saying no. 

It seems that at the moment, perhaps not for long (I don't take these things for granted) but at the moment, more people want me to work with them than I have time to give.

Some things are easier to say no to than others.

Things that aren't well organised. Things I don't believe in. Things that don't do it for me.

But I've been saying no to things (and people) I like, respect and sometimes really want to work with.

I've said no to places too. So - Los Angeles, Tokyo - I won't be seeing you in the coming weeks, as tempting as you are.

But I've been saying no, in order to say yes. And the things I've been saying yes to will (must!) be better for the things I've said no to. And I'll be better too. Less stressed. Not resentful. Not exhausted. And not absent; from the things that matter most.

And those who I spend time with will hopefully feel the benefit too. They better had - or it won't have been worthwhile.

So, in a month of saying no. Today I said yes, or rather I was part of a yes.

We have a new cast member for The Author. And without saying too much...

Today was a Goode day.

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