Friday, 1 January 2010

speak your brains

My two closest and dearest friends and colleagues have started their new year with new blogs!

Tim Crouch (playwright, author and performer) has just today arrived in Los Angeles ready to perform An Oak Tree (co-directed by a smith and my good self) and is speaking his brains on his blog here.

And Andy Smith (performer, writer and artist) with whom I have co-directed three of Tim's plays is starting somewhere here.

Andy has said that my blog has in some way inspired him to start his. Andy's writing and thinking is one of the greatest things to have come into my life. Tim's gifts as a writer need no help from my flattery.

So, in these days of separation and sometimes (only) virtual togetherness, how lovely to know I can read them both occasionally even when they're in Los Angeles and Oslo.

Good luck gents.

Write on.

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