Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lock unlock

Today, when Andy and I came in to sit together in the garden for the last time in a while and compare notes, there was a guy welding metal on the gates of the Royal Court main entrance.

A new lock was being fitted. Hot metal bonding to hot metal.

The guy did it brilliantly. So brilliantly (as Stik the Theatre Carpenter was quick to point out) that actually... you couldn't get in.

Not even with a key.

In an attempt to become more secure, the theatre had become temporarily impenetrable.

The light of the flame was white hot and iron strong yellows and golds spurted off to cooler ground.

Amazing to watch.

I hadn't even known there was a gate there at all, till then.

But there was.

And there is.

A great gate, that can't be locked.

Looks like it'll have to remain open.

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